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In Beauty, Networking, Public Relations on May 18, 2013 at 8:32 am

Mac LipstickMany people in the PR profession constantly tell me that there will always be networking opportunities anywhere you go. I have heard people say that there are even opportunities to exchange business cards at the grocery store and today, I experienced something similar to that.

I recently realized my strong interest in beauty products. I originally considered pursuing a career in public relations to work in sports but realized I enjoy testing out new beauty products that working in beauty public relations would also be a fitting industry for me. With that being said, I have been experimenting with my makeup lately: mastering the art of cat-eye eyeliner, adding a pop of color into my natural-looking daily makeup look and perfecting my eyeshadow-blending skills…and people have been noticing my artistic flair.

I like to think of makeup as art. I took several art classes as I was growing up and must say I have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Being a public relations student, I haven’t had much time to devote countless hours to acrylic painting. Since I have not had time to spend blending colors on a palette, I have decided to utilize my artistic talents elsewhere and spend time blending colors on my eyelids instead.

I was seating a customer and her significant other at work today (I am a hostess at a restaurant) and as I complimented her mint green dress, she praised my makeup. We shared a quick laugh, I told them the name of their server and walked back to the host stand. After the couple finished their meal and proceeded to walk towards the door, the woman suddenly came up to me, handed me her Mary Kay business card and suggested that I contact her in case I was interested in some of the business’ products. Unfortunately I do not have my own personal business cards yet, but I highly appreciated the gesture and intend to contact the woman sometime soon.

Not only did the woman’s compliment make me feel good about my makeup, the fact that she gave me her business card while I was performing my routine hostly duties at work proved that there are networking opportunities everywhere and that these opportunities can happen when you least expect it.

This also leads me to some closing advice: Always look presentable when out in public and remember to smile and be friendly to everyone. As Disney’s social media manager Matt Prince says, “Live everyday like you are on a first date.” You never know who you might meet and who that person might be to you five years down the road.

  1. What a great philosophy to live your life. And I agree on the networking front and the make up fun 🙂

  2. I love wearing makeup too. It’s so important to always look your best.

    – KW

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